About Us

A place for cutting-edge ideas and exceptional talent

Selarator is an incubator and investment firm for seed to early stage start-ups in Israel. We provide a secure and supportive environment for start-ups designed to help develop entrepreneurial ideas for new companies until they find their niche in the market.

We offer our start-ups an exceptional environment of guidance and support in both technological and business matters. We provide working space, a communications network, and a development environment, as well as tools, furniture, and financial, legal, and other infrastructure services. Our entrepreneurs also get business support from mentors both within and outside of the incubator, as well as certification, advice, and on-going training.

Staffed by competent, experienced, and caring professionals, Selarator has already played a major role in a range of start-up success stories, and we invite you to join us as we move confidently into the future.